At Azurium, we believe successful acquisitions and divestments are built on the right team, at the right time, in the right place.

The Azurium point of difference is the depth of our industry experience.

Put simply, not only do we have the right deal making skills, but our industry expertise allows us to understand the industry nuances to identify both the inherent value and risks for the enterprise as part of the transaction process.

This means that whether our clients are ‘buying’ or ‘selling’, we have the right team to protect and optimise their interests.

  • Buy side and sell side due diligence
  • Acquisition and divestment strategy
  • Transaction management
  • Performance improvement

Specific services we offer include, financial assessments (balance sheet, cashflow and profitability), organisational alignment, human capital capabilities, market and brand positioning, supply chain and logistics, customer insights and analytics.

The creative minds at Azurium have also developed and set-up two technology solutions to assist business transactions.

  • Dealdocs is the ultimate choice in data room technology
  • PSiDAR - PPSR Searching Mobilised


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