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Azurium Real Estate is an independent firm of true property specialists with vast experience in the fields of large-scale residential, commercial and retail property. Our real estate and development experts have coalface experience stemming from their background in senior leadership roles at market-leading organisations.

In addition to our services Azurium Real Estate provides specialist transaction advice including:

  • Deal flow – our team source and acquire opportunities for our clients using our unique network of contacts and property owners to suit each matter.
  • Off or on market – while many transactions we undertake are off market, we have experience and key relationships with major stakeholders – owners, agents, lawyers and bankers – to enable us to assist in both public and private sales programs.
  • Corporate knowledge – we understand how Australia’s largest corporate real estate organisations think and operate, whether they are buying or selling, and assist clients to obtain the best possible outcome.
  • Structured transactions – we tailor all transactions to suit the needs of the participants, maximising the value for our clients.
  • Strategic site selection – our understanding of the market enables us to assist our clients in securing properties with maximum potential for outperformance.


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